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Boarding and Daycare

We are pleased to offer boarding and daycare services. We can accommodate all ages of dogs and cats, and spayed/neutered or intact pets.

Please see below for more details, or call our office to discuss these services: (913)897-5595

Three Shelties

Boarding FAQ:

What is your boarding facility like? We have a spacious heated and air conditioned kennel space, with runs for large dogs, kennels for smaller dogs, and a separate cat ward. Large dogs each get a cot-style bed in their run, unless they are a chewing risk.

How often do my pets get out of their kennels during boarding? Each pet goes outside in our courtyard for bathroom breaks and to get some fresh air four times per day. You also have the option of adding daycare to any number of days during your pet's stay with us, for an additional fee. This allows them to have additional time out of their kennel or run to stretch their legs and play with toys or kennel staff members in a larger play room.

What do I need to bring with my dog for boarding? Nothing is required besides your pet and any necessary medications. We provide food, bedding, and TLC for your pet, included in the boarding price. If you prefer to bring food or other supplies from home, feel free to do so.

What do you feed boarded animals? We feed Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin in our boarding facility. We are also happy to feed food you bring from home for your pet (although for the safety of our staff and other patients, we cannot feed raw diets to boarded animals). 

When is drop off and pickup? We can accommodate drop offs from when we open until 4:30pm on weekdays, and from open until 11:00am on Saturdays. Pickup is available starting at 10am each day. Early pickups are only allowed with special permission - 10am pickup is to allow all our boarders to potty, get their baths, and eat breakfast before they go home. We are closed for both drop off and pickup on Sundays and holidays when the office is closed.

How much does boarding cost? We charge by the night, and price varies based on the size of the pet. Please contact our office at (913)897-5595 to discuss pricing.

Daycare FAQ:

What days can my dog have daycare? Any day our office is open during normal business hours. 

How is daycare charged? We charge for daycare by the half day or full day. Half days are 5 hours or less, full days are 5+ hours.

What does my dog do in daycare? We have a large play room with toys that allows dogs to stretch their legs, socialize if desired, or relax away from others if your pet prefers some time to themselves. Many dogs also enjoy spending the day in our reception area, greeting clients and spending the day with our front desk staff. 

Do you have daycare for cats? Yes! We have a secure room with floor space as well as elevated surfaces for cats to enjoy play time out of their kennel. 

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