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We offer haircuts, baths, toenail trims, anal gland expression, and brushing as a service to our clients' furry family members. We have detail-oriented staff members who can accommodate many pets' grooming needs! Read more about our services below, or contact our office with specific questions: (913)897-5595.


Clipping body hair in dogs with continuously growing coats (we're looking at you, doodles) is a critical part of maintaining skin and coat health, and keeps your pet from having to deal with mats pulling on their skin. We are proud to offer body clipping, complete with scissor cutting as needed to achieve that neat, trim look around your pet's face and paws. If you request a body clip for your pet, a bath, ear clean, toenail trim, and anal gland expression are included! Feel free to bring a picture of the look you would like your pet to have.


We proudly offer regular or medicated baths for dogs and cats of all sizes. We also have options for skunk treatment that can help get extra-stinky dogs smelling a little fresher! Baths include a toenail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. 

Brushing the Fur
Dog Wash

Toenail Trims

Many pet owners do not feel comfortable trimming their pet's nails at home, but keeping your pet's nails at an appropriate length is critical for maintaining joint health and the integrity of the paw pad. We are happy to provide this service as part of a grooming or bathing package, or as a standalone service if desired. 

Anal Gland Expression

Tired of smelling that fishy smell around your house and on your dog? Is your dog scooting on the carpet repeatedly? They may need their anal glands expressed. We provide this service, and also have recommendations for products that can help your pet have fewer issues with this in the future. Choose this service as a standalone service, or as part of a clip or bath. 

Ear Cleaning

Many pets suffer from chronic ear infections, or live a lifestyle that requires regular ear cleaning to prevent infection. We are happy to clean and evaluate your pet's ear health for you! If your pet has more debris than normal in the ear or inflammation associated with an ear infection, our grooming staff are trained to detect these changes and our veterinarian on staff can further evaluate and treat your pet's infection if needed.


Grooming can be a stressful time for some pets, but it is a necessary part of keeping them healthy. Because we are primarily a veterinary clinic, we are able to offer oral or injectable sedation options for pets who are very fearful about grooming. These are safe and effective ways to help pets have a grooming experience with minimal stress and fear. If this is something you feel your pet might need, one of our veterinarians would be happy to discuss it with you!

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