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We at the Stilwell Animal Hospital And Equine Center have dedicated our lives and this practice to our patients-your companions-whom we serve. We realize that your pets are an important part of your family and lives. We understand the enrichment and love that your companions provide, and we strive to enhance and preserve that special bond by providing the best in veterinary treatment.  Our main concern is maintaining the highest quality of care and providing the best in medical diagnosis and treatment through the use of the latest medical technology. We continually challenge ourselves to improve and update our skills while providing a caring and comfortable environment for you and your companion.  

Each of our experienced staff members are trained to provide your pets with the care that they need while reassuring them with a caring touch and compassion. Our philosophy is to treat each patient as if it were part of our own family. We value education, preventative care, and individualized treatment plans. It is our goal to enhance comfort and provide your pet with the best veterinary care possible throughout their lives.

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Medivet Stem Cell Therapy

Feature of the Month

Could your pet benefit from Stem Cell Therapy? We are excited to announce that we are now performing in clinic Medivet Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cells are powerful healing cells in your body that can become other types of cells. Medivet Stem Cell Therapy uses adipose stem cells (stem cells from fat tissue) that can be directly injected into damaged areas. For example cases of arthritis, hip dysplasia, cruciate injuries, inflammation, and soft tissue tears all have shown improvement with stem cell therapy. Stem Cell Therapy has been shown to treat cases under “compassionate use”. We know less about these conditions, but have seen some results for diseases such as feline gingivitis, renal disease and failure, allergies, auto-immune disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and spinal trauma. For information regarding Medivet Stemcell Therapy please visit www.medivet-america.com or feel free to contact the clinic at 913-897-5595.


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